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Arrkay Packaging offers packaging alternatives that align with the requirements of our clients. We convert your Paper to box, sheets & rolls with optimum conversion charges.

Paper Supply

While many organizations are working toward a smaller physical document footprint, paper remains an essential need for their daily business. Because of this, small and midsize companies require the best vendors to source these supplies with excellent service and affordable prices.

Instead of spending time and money securing the right supplies from the best dealers, you can rely on Impact to be the perfect paper supply partner for your company. We offer a wide selection of paper and office supply solutions to our customers. We provide Simplified Office Processes with a Single-Source Provider and Paper Supply Company. Having Impact as the one single supplier for printing equipment and the paper it uses, has its benefits.

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reevan office

Adhesive Supply

We are specialises in the supply of adhesive tapes & other consumable products to industry. Adhesive Supplies has a wealth of knowledge & experience in the uses, application & supply of adhesive technical tapes, adhesives – including structural bonding, hot melts, liquid based adhesives, respiratory protection, abrasives & a wide range of packaging products.

Years of experience in supplying tapes & adhesive products to industry, has enabled us to develop an understanding of your processes, so that the products we supply, offer you the best value for money & reduce your production times. We are dedicated to providing you with the quality products & services that you demand today.

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Silk Screen Printing

Silk Screen printing is essentially the process of transferring a design on to a plain piece of silk, with the use of manmade screens & ink. It’s a slow & meticulous process, & one which requires a high level of skill, but the stunning results can’t be beaten. It is popular for the high quality look and feel it typically generates in its finished products.

Beautifully patterned silks can be found everywhere from home furnishings to the garments by high-end runway models, but these silks all started out as plain fabric before they were transformed via printing. It is popular for the high quality look & feel it typically generates in its finished products. The thick layer of ink applied sits on top of the fabric as opposed to soaking in to the material, & generally offers a sharp, smooth finish.

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reevan office

Digital Printing

Ranging from posters, calendars, campaign manifestos to book printing, we are equipped with an extensive supplier portfolio to print large quantity and quality prints that match globally acceptable standards. Whether black & white or multi–coloured, our sourced high caliber technologies ensure product outcomes are exactly as desired.

It favours projects that require a lower volume of copies. When you print a large number of copies, the price of printing the copies is much higher than the offset printing. When it comes to speed, nothing beats the raw speed of digital printing because of the significantly smaller setup time. If you have something to print within a few minutes using a digital press, digital printing is one of the options.

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Offset Printing

Offset printing, also called lithography, uses plates to get the job done. The plates are typically made from aluminum. Art and text are put on the plates which are dampened by water and ink via rollers on the press. The ink adheres to the image area and is then transferred to a rubber cylinder. The ink and image are transferred to paper as it passes around the cylinder.

It’s called offset printing because the image is not directly transferred from the plates to paper. Instead, it’s offset to a rubber cylinder which transfers the image. It takes a team of experts paired with the right equipment and technology to get the job done and done right. Our experts lead the way in crafting custom print solutions that fit our clients’ needs.

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reevan office

Packaging Designing

A good packaging becomes a consistent performer for increasing the sales. Before a product advocates its features, the packaging design communicates & connects with the consumer. When the product showcases the promising character of your brand through elegant & attractive packaging, only then it is a successful packaging design.

Colours, design and font style & size can outshine the competitors. Blending aesthetics, innovation & functionalities with consumers’ emotional connect helps us in designing the best product packages. Branding is vital to improve the consumer experience while promoting sales by innovative product display, signage & graphics. A poorly designed package pulls down the sales scale & the business of a company. Our creative designing team develops alluring branding designs that attract consumers.

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Stitching Wire

Arrkay Packaging's Stitching wires are made using premium quality raw materials with latest technology machinery setup for galvanizing and flattening process. All the stitching wires go through stringent quality checks at all stages of production and before final dispatch to ensure almost zero rejection by the customer.

Stitching Wire is manufactured using the optimum quality steel material & modern technology in synchronization with the set industry standards. Owing to its suitable usage in book binding industries for different specific purposes, this wire is very popular among our clients. Furthermore, to ensure the best quality, the provided wire is precisely tested by our quality experts. Stitching wire is the most affordable product range & mostly all the corrugators use it very widely.

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reevan office

Labour Supply

We offer sincere, honest and laborious working labours for numerous reputable organisations. we accustomed tender our prompt and on time services to the prescribed place.We are a very responsible and trust worthy organisation engaged in provide of labour for all types of industries.

We are proud to state to have highly trained, hardworking and trustworthy labours who are capable of endeavour jobs and finishing it with efficiency up to the complete satisfaction of the honourable management.We believe in the team spirit of man power and our labours conjointly work as a united team to deliver you the proper combination of naturalness, efficiency and punctuality. Our staff are very passionate towards their job.

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Sticker printing is one of the best ways to present and express your message. You can make use of them for any purpose, like labelling your stuff, sealing envelopes, gifting your loved ones, advertising your business or just for fun. It is an easy and effective way to draw the attention of the viewer.

You can buy full-colour flashing labels for your new packaged products. We are known for our unmatched quality and our in time deliveries. Custom sized and gloss sticker paper, which is also called die-cut stickers. These stickers can be used for your marketing campaign of any event or launch. You can buy auto stickers, warning stickers, custom stickers, wall stickers, advertising stickers, label stickers, fluorescent stickers, window stickers wholesale printing stickers and automobile stickers.

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reevan office

Labels & Stickers

We are dealing with Products Label & Sticker Printing & Finishing. The Labels are for specially short run products. It's very effective for multiple variety of products in today's competitive market. These are some Key Advantages to make this kind of Labels are more demanding.

No fixed cost require for Minimum orders, No Dice require, Variable date print... so it's more faster cut than traditional method. Printing process based on Digital technology, hence the quality & color of the labels are very Vibrant. Last but not the list, affordable price makes you more flexible for make ready different types of Labels without huge Investments. With the full experience and acute sense of fashions, the designers create attractive designs.

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DTP Design

DTP is a term created after the development of a particular kind of software program that is typically used to integrate and also reposition text or pictures as well as develop digital files. Prior to the innovation of desktop publishing software program, the tasks associated with desktop publishing were done by hand by a group of numerous individuals as well as entailed tasks such as typesetting, setting out web pages, documents as well as most of the various other pre-press jobs.

DTP comprises taking a design created by a designer as well as similarly placing graphics along with text within the document to convey a message. Graphic design in addition to desktop publishing is connected, partly as a result of the truth that desktop publishing is a job similarly used by those that do not have an arts background.

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Lamination is the technique/process of manufacturing a material in multiple layers, so that the composite material achieves improved strength, stability, sound insulation, appearance, or other properties from the use of the differing materials, such as plastic. A laminate is a permanently assembled object created using heat, pressure, welding, or adhesives. Various coating machines, machine presses and calendering equipment are used.

Laminating is the process through which two or more flexible packaging webs are joined together using a bonding agent. The substrates making up the webs may consist of films, papers, or aluminum foils. Web laminating is used to improve the appearance and barrier properties of substrates.

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We do conversion from Paper to Roll, Sheet & Box. Only you have to pay the conversion charges. Give your paper and take away your Roll, Sheet or Box. This unique approach will eliminate the additional cost for those who are the suppliers, having no infrastructure.